Tuesday, October 28, 2014

B.B. Homemaker costume D.I.Y.

As we all know whenever I'm not being myself, I am Beyoncé. I'm her spirit animal and she is mine. That being said Halloween is just a few days away and I thought I share a quick d.i.y. costume ideal. This is a fun one too! Whether you're in a hurry (like I was) or have plenty of time this character is easy to pull off. Who are we pulling off exactly? 
B.B. Homemaker, she is a housewife from the 1950's who questions her lover "Why don't you love me"?. She puts money in the bank account, she's book smart, nasty in the bedroom, and is pretty much the total package. Here is a few lines from the song:

I got beauty, I got class
I got style, and I got ass
Why don't you love me?
Tell me, baby, why don't you love me
When I make me so damn easy to love?
Why don't you need me?
Tell me, baby, why don't you need me
When I make me so damn easy to need?


Old telephone with cord (thrift store & spray paint it)
Dollar store plastic martini glass
Big costume jewelry (big rings & over sized necklaces)
Stockings or over the knee boots
Lots of hairspray and bobby pins

You don't need all of these props to make this character come to life. A few of them will go far and make the costume even more realistic. For example when I went out last weekend I barely had time to prepare. I worked until 8 and had to be ready by 10. I had to go home walk the dog, do my hair, makeup, and pick and outfit which takes time. Luckily my girl Stephany got me looking real cute at work by doing my eyes. Then I went home and added the tears down the cheeks. Which is surprisingly easy all you need is: water, liquid eye liner, vaseline, and a flat brush. First you want to tap some vaseline under the eyes with your ring finger and tapping it lightly below. Do this wherever you want the tears to fall down. Then you mix a little drop of water with some liquid eyeliner. Take a brush and dip it into the mister then dab under the eyes and follow down like tears naturally would. I made my eye a little too dramatic, so I would suggest leaving more space in between the tears and dab them a bit more thinner. For hair I just got a big curing iron and made hollows and literally pinned them down. F.Y.I. I suck at hair and this was the hardest part ever. Just be sure to know the more bobby pins and hairspray the better.

That's basically it, it's a pretty easy look to do. I had a lot of fun being in character. You really want big bold makeup in this look. So don't be afraid to try a black smokey eye. The more makeup the better photos you will have. TRUST ME. Just have fun with it. 

This was at the very end of the night when my hair and makeup had melted off my face. But I will say that it almost made the whole costume even better than before. Oh and don't forget them false lashes girls so you can bat them eyes.

Here are a few pic's from the block party on Oak Lawn in the Dallas Gayborhood basically at the Round Up Saloon. 

The Little Mermaid KILLED IT and my brother was legit as well (photo above) he was Gambit from X-MEN. Which who even know that was a real character I never heard of him before.

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  1. ON POINT! i love everything about this post!!! on halloween i feel asleep with my face in a burrito bowl and woke up at 3am...total fail.