Friday, November 21, 2014

Fashion Turbans

Recently all I have been wanting to do is wear something cute on my head. Hats are cool, but I get tired of wearing hats and need another option. Lately turbans/scarfs have been a huge influence on me. Thought I post some of my favorite I found of Pinterest!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nekter Juice Bar

Not sure why I haven't talked about Nekter Juice Bar here before, but here goes. If you want the most delicious smoothies, juices, or acai bowls this is your place. It is absolutely delicious. And probably the most fresh tasting shit ever. I also enjoy the Pink Flamingo smoothies as well. That's all and you'll be addicted.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip color

I feel like I'm doing a public service when I find amazing beauty products for cheap and report back to y'all. Maybe it's my love and pride for good quality makeup that makes me feel like a champion, or I'm just an over obsessed lipstick-holic. Anyways YOU'RE WELCOME :) I  have been using the Wet n Wild lip colors for some time now. I must say if you don't buy any of these after you read this post then we can't be friends. Because they are totes worth it. 

Here we go! The pros:

Pigmented bold color
Long wear (stains)
Cream finish

The cons:

Breaks off easily if too much pressure is applied

Did you just see how the pros weighed out the cons by like a million? Seriously I cannot express how much I love these lip colors. Not only are they beautiful, but they stay on for hours. The pigment in them are beyond any other drugstore lipstick I have worn. The only downfall is that the packing isn't the hottest and the lipstick tends to break in half if too handled too harsh. So I try not to roll the lipstick up too far when applying it on. But other than that they are fantastic.  When you only pay $1.99 for lipstick then that's a freaking deal. Yes I just said A DOLLAR NINETY NINE.

Bare It All // 902

Dollhouse Pink // 967

Purty Persimmon// 970

You can buy them pretty much at any drug store, Target, Walmart, or online here >> WNW Beauty You will fall in love and want to buy several if not all! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Peachy Cheeky

Baked Blush by e.l.f.

Is one of those drugstore buys that I just can't get enough of. It has a beautiful luminous sheen that makes your cheeks look radiant and dewy without being too shimmery. I will say that the product isn't as pigmented as I wished, but that just means you need to work with a bit more. To apply I swoosh my blush brush into with a good amount of pressure. Then apply onto my cheeks I have to repeat this step about 2-3 times for the color to turn out how I like.

 The color was what drew me in. I'm a sucker for a soft peachy pink cheek color and I cannot lie. So if you don't feel like splurging $29 or more on blush this is a great option for a budget friendly wallet.  
It's called 'Peachy Cheeky' and is only $3 check it out  e.l.f.