Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip color

I feel like I'm doing a public service when I find amazing beauty products for cheap and report back to y'all. Maybe it's my love and pride for good quality makeup that makes me feel like a champion, or I'm just an over obsessed lipstick-holic. Anyways YOU'RE WELCOME :) I  have been using the Wet n Wild lip colors for some time now. I must say if you don't buy any of these after you read this post then we can't be friends. Because they are totes worth it. 

Here we go! The pros:

Pigmented bold color
Long wear (stains)
Cream finish

The cons:

Breaks off easily if too much pressure is applied

Did you just see how the pros weighed out the cons by like a million? Seriously I cannot express how much I love these lip colors. Not only are they beautiful, but they stay on for hours. The pigment in them are beyond any other drugstore lipstick I have worn. The only downfall is that the packing isn't the hottest and the lipstick tends to break in half if too handled too harsh. So I try not to roll the lipstick up too far when applying it on. But other than that they are fantastic.  When you only pay $1.99 for lipstick then that's a freaking deal. Yes I just said A DOLLAR NINETY NINE.

Bare It All // 902

Dollhouse Pink // 967

Purty Persimmon// 970

You can buy them pretty much at any drug store, Target, Walmart, or online here >> WNW Beauty You will fall in love and want to buy several if not all! Enjoy!

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  1. these look so good on you! my favorite is from the fergie line called fergie daily. i would pay $20 for this color and formula. i made me want all of them.