Friday, December 5, 2014

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For those of you who read my blog I apologize for being MIA. I was too busy working on my tan in Mexico. Seriously though I feel awful, jk let's be honest I don't feel bad. Since I've been gone I have found some pretty amazing life changing products. If you know me then you know my bathroom is filled with all sorts of new/old products that I'm constantly experimenting with. 

First let's talk BB cream. That special all in one product for the face that we all love. If you haven't tried a BB cream yet then you obviously live on another planet. They are EVERYWHERE in drugstores and in department stores galore. We all know I love the Garnier BB Cream, but I wanted to branch out and try something new. Which I was pleasantly surprised the first time when I tried this Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. It has amazing coverage a bit more than my Gariner. What makes this one special is the 2% Salicylic-acid. Which  is what my acne prone skin needs. I liked how this foundation wears and looks *cue photo below 

My poor drawers are filled with gallons of body lotions that I've probably only used a few times due to my stubbornness. If I don't like a body lotion and how it feels I'll completely stop using it. Even if I only touched it once or twice. So bad that I have bottles hoarded all around mi casa.
 I want to try to like them, but either they are too sticky/wet feeling or they feel just smell pretty and do nothing to quench my dull dry skin. 
 All has changed and now I can say I've found the one. I literally purchased it expecting the same thing like all the others. I needed a bottle of lotion for my trip to Mexico and didn't want to make the mistake of not bringing a lotion to a place where my skin gets beat up. (aka my trip to Ecuador) #blessmysoul anyways I purchased this because it was super cheap and smelled amazing. When I applied it on  it was as if my life was changed right then and there. This stuff not only smells beautiful, but works and feels like a dream. I can load up my body with tons of this lotions and get in bed without my skin sticking to the sheets. This is a big deal because getting into the sheets and your legs instantly feels sweaty/tacky against them drives me insane. Now I have a cure and I feel like I haven't had ashy legs in days y'all need this stuff in yo' life trust me. Oh and it's under $5 at Walmart St.Ives Body Lotion

Now on to the biggest drama in my naturally curly hair. Yes I know I might be a little too dramatic about this subject, but it's the most sensitive one in my life right now. With me trying to be loyal on this "Hair Journey" times can be difficult. Seriously hair product aren't cheap especially when you're trying to figure out which one satisfies you while working wonders for your curls. I can honestly say this is the seconded life changing product for me right now in this exact moment in my life. #Hallelujah Ok first off this stuff smells likes dreams I'm not even kidding. It smells like the most magical dryer sheet you have ever smelled. If you're into that kind of stuff. It basically smells like fabric softener...mmmhmm! I will say less is more when applying to your wet hair. I never learn this lesson, but baby steps. It makes my hair feel so incredibly soft without all the frizz. Even when I have applied too much product it has never felt crunchy which is a HUGE plus. I need to take some better photos of my curls, but for now here is a selfie with them in Mexico.

(I've only seen this product at Target and CVS I'm sure more stores carries it)
P.S. still wearing my BB c ream here ^

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  1. Yasss I have been looking for a new lotion! Gonna have to try it out.