Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AMREZY Liquid Lipsticks

is a bright red with a hint of orange

 is a pink nude 

I'm sure by now we all are following "Amrey' aka Glamrezny on Instagram? If not then you better hop on it. She recently collaborated up Lipland and came out with three liquid lipsticks. I only purchased 2 of the 3, 'Brooklyn' and 'Rezy'. 

highly pigmented
glides on

need durable makeup remover to wash off

I love love loved everything about these lips all except for one thing. I wore 'Brooklyn' out last weekend to a black tie formal event. I used an Hourglass lipliner all over my lips prier to 'Brooklyn'. It looked amazing except 2 hours into the night, when I went to the bathroom and noticed my lipstick had turned crusty and crackled up. Naturally I took a wet paper towel and procedded to wipe it away. So that I could start fresh, however I couldn't wipe off the layers of lipstick. After 15 mins of rubbing with soap and water I got most of it off, but not much. My lips burned from the harsh rubbing and I was dumb and didn't bring a gloss or balm to help my lips out. Luckily I had enough lipliner to fill my lips in for the rest of the night.

But that's all I love them, but defiantly think they are not worth the money. You can kind of tell it was made cheap. I don't want to offend Rezy, but I don't think I'll be buying from Lapland anytime soon.

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