Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hair Journey back to curls

This past year I've been low-key on a 'Hair Journey'. This is something that is not easy for me, being that I straightened my hair for almost 10 years. I grew up hating my curls and would get so frustrated and cry about wanting sleek straight hair. 

If I had all the technology and platforms such as Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram available to me back in middle school/high school I'd probably would of never put an iron to my hair. All those awkward teenage years would of never existed. Well maybe not all, but girls nowadays have it easy. They somehow skip the 'ugly-years' and turn into models by the age of 15. Not fair do your time be ugly then you can 'glo-up'.

Back then the only thing I knew to put on my hair was gel. Shout out to Herbal Essences's for keeping my hair super crunchy and wet looking. #rolleseyes Oh and I would never leave the house without straighten my bangs, ewwwww!! Peep the pic for proof...

I guess that's why I always hated my hair. I knew how to style it properly. I never understood why my textured was they way it was. I didn't know I had to constantly had to keep it moisturized. I didn't knew the benefits of diffuse drying my hair. I would literally shampoo my hair way too much. I would never use oils or serums in my dry hair. Oh goodness the knowledge I have now! 

Thankfully all that has miraculously changed. Took 27 years, but I think I kinda got the hang out it. It's amazing how powerful knowledge is. I can finally say that I love my natural curls and I never thought in a million years I would. When I first started my hair journey I wanted to give up. My curl pattern was not cute at first. Do you know what curly hair looks like after 10 years of heat on it???? FUGLY is an appropriate word. The first few months were sloppy. I totally have the messy bun look down since it's a great protective hair style.

If you have curls and never been to a 'Curl Specialist' you need to consider and try one out. I can honestly say that mine has change my life. She literally to my hair from shit to damnnnnnn Ginnnaaaa! 

check it out----> like I had no clue that my hair could curl the way it did after my FIRST visit look how damaged and limp my hair was in the top left photo...jaw dropping results you can follow my Hairstylist on Instagram here > Gethaiya

Let me know if you guys want me to do a post about what products I put in my hair!