Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Natural Bridal Makeup

A few weeks ago I was in Salt Lake City with my amazing and talented friend Whitney who is the producer of The Daily Dish a morning show on the CW. She invited me on the show to display my AMAZING makeup skills. ( thanks gil ) On the show I wanted to share what's trending in wedding makeup. Here is the link below watch the video.
Makeup Overview
For her make up I used the Air Temptu air brush make up system. Foundation in 007 Natural, blush 403 Washed Rose, bronzer 605 Warm Glow. Also add a pop of Bobbi Brown blush in Pale Pink on top. After air brush blend Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in Medium 2 over cheek bones and where the sun naturally hits the face. Eyes keep neutral starting with Bone by Bobbi Brown all over the lid. Then add Urban Decay Half Baked in center and smoke it out a little with Smog. Use a blending brush with Bobbi Brown's eye shadow in Burnt Sugar. Highlight under brow bone with Bare Minerals Queen Phyllis. For the lips use Bobbi Brown's lipstick in Bikini Pink. 

Behind the camera shots

Me and my friend Cori who was my makeup model

Just posing in front of ABC yo! 

Me, Cori, Angela, and Whitney in the greenroom after the show

Also while I was in Utah my gil's and I  road-tripped it up to Arizona for our mutual friend Laura's wedding! Which was so was perfect.  Everything about her wedding was dreamy. Laura asked me to do her make up for her, which I was thrilled to do. Felt so honored. Here's some scoop about Lars and I. We lived together basically the whole time while I was in Utah. She is my rommie for life! We love horchata. Playing itty bitty piggys, and we are both big time makeup hoarders. I love her so much and I'm so happy that she found her one and only! Here are some pictures of her make up and some from the wedding! Photo credits to my gil Chantel! Here is her website chantelmarie  and her FB page > ChantelMariePhotography She knows how to capture such a fun and beautiful wedding. Not to mention she had some really really ridiculously good looking bridesmaids to work with. ;)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

About me

I was thinking I need to officially introduce myself. Let you all know a little more about me!

First off I am the Ginger Queen. 

I live in Dallas, Texas y'all.

I'm obsessed with makeup. #duhhh

I work at Nordstrom. (#shoedawg) So come shop with me!

I have 5 older brothers.

I had a real life pony when I was younger.

I think my mother is the smartest women on the planet.

Cupcake's are my favorite.

I went to Utah State University. 

Never finished.  Don't judge.

I'm adopted.

I think Utah has the neatest people. 

I love traveling the world.

Some say I look like a plant.

Karaoke is a passion of mine.

My family is cooler than yours.

I have super flexible fingers.

I own my own house.

Skulls rule and Seahorses forever!

I think gay marriage should be legal everywhere.

I have the cutest pup named Ziggy! (cockapoo)

I'm always blastin' music.

TJ Maxx is da best. #maxxinista

I own a bowling ally called Shenaniganz with my brothers.

Top knots are a must.

I shop about 3-4 times a week. #badhabit

I like making things.

Singing in the car is a daily routine.

I bake/cook often.

I own a pair of Heeley's.

I have the sweetest sweet tooth. #candy

Jewlery makes me excited.

I have Buddhas all over my house.

Used to think lizards came from old pine cones. #dontaskwhy

I'm a cereal hoarder.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a tornado chaser.

I'm Spanish.

I've got some killer dance moves.

I call my girlfriends Gina, Jackie, or Gil. 

I can only swallow big pills with chocolate milk.

I'm fascinated with Outer space.

I like to tweet so follow: DangGinaaa

I'm done. #hollerback

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Peachy...


Hello first post! I've waited so loooong for you! 
ha ha seriously though, didn't know blogging was so hard!
For this post I found a really neat article I want to share:

I think the moral of the article is we all need to eat more servings of fruits and veggies.  (ovbi)
So this last week I've been eating all fun colorful foods like crazy. I also had my first wheat grass shot today at Jamba Juice. It looked awful, but I downed it like a champ! It actually wasn't that bad.They even give you a mini orange slice with the shot which was nice. Except for the two women in line who gave me a dirty look as I drank it. (rude) I'd like to see them boss-up and take a shot! Unfortunely I haven't noticed any magical difference yet. Hopefully soon I'll be bright as a peach! Anyways I encourage you to try a wheat grass shot. (it gives you lots-o-energy) Hope you enjoyed my first post, yo!