Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall is in the air

I love fall. Mostly because you can wear anything and look cute. Layers on layers on layers. You can jazz up a summer dress with an oversized sweater. This is the look I did and I'm in love. You can also turn it up a notch and pull a 'Miley' and tie a long sleeve flannel around your waist. Anyways, fall is in the air and I ain't mad. 

Bow purse: Charming Charlie $20
Dress: Urban Outfitters $29
Boots: Shu Deal $12 #forealz
Sweater: H&M $24

Necklace: Forever21

Here's to my cute photographer 


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi guys,
So I recently did a gig for a friend from work, who has his own custom hat line. It's pretty sweet here is the site > You should check out his hats and get one. Maybe get a tattoo while you're at it. #SnapbacksandTattoos Here's a few behind the scenes pics from the shoot.

Leopard on Leopard

Reppin' that Jazz for my Utah Gil's


Saturday, September 15, 2012

girly girl

I love bows. Funny thing, when I was little I would rip them out my hair.  Couldn't stand them. My mom would get so mad at me. I'm the only daughter out of five boys. She wanted a little girly girl to dress up. Instead I would pick up bugs, roll around in dirt, and do all 'tomboy' things. #SorryMa But now things have changed. I love anything with bows on it. I love pink, I love makeup, clothes, and everything that sparkles. 

Here's my #ootd


Friday, September 14, 2012


Guess who I got to meet yesterday? Trish McEvoy!! She is just the cutest. It was so fun to get to meet her in real life! If you've never heard of her check out her makeup line.

My team with Trish and Joann.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hair Accessories

Fall is basically here. My ultimate favorite fall accessory are anything you can put on your head. Such as headbands, scarfs, hair jewels, slouchy hats. I love them! I think we should all wear more of them.

 Cat ears headband BCBG $48 #meow

Amazing hair piece by BCBG $78.00

Slouchy hat (Forever21 $7.80)

Love love love Kate Bosworth's Hair jewels <3

I'd die for this one ^

Rihanna's bow is a must!

Scarf obsession.

Unrealistic, but amazing. #bigbow


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Love, love, loveeee this quote from the one and only Biggie. #BigPapa

I'm blowing this up, framing it, and putting it in my closet.


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Happy Thursday!
Outfit post: 
Dress: Milk & Honey Boutique on Henderson Dallas, TX.
Arm Party: Gold pyramid bracelet (Forever21) Vintage bangle (my moms)
Rings: Cross (Forever21) Double ring Buffalo Exchange on Greenville Ave Dallas, TX
Shoes: Steve Madden on sale from Nordstrom
Apple: Kroger 

 My feet look like Bigfoot here :(

So I found this magical wonderland near my house on Fitzhough ave. Isn't it the most charming little nook for a photo shoot? Oh and BIG thanks to my cute photographer Whitcuh. #loveyewgil


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everyday Natural Eye

So I wanted to do a post on how to make my signature natural everyday eye. I always get compliments on this eye, and I felt like I needed to share the love. Here is the list of the products that I used to get my look.

Skin prep
1. Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum press all over face into skin. $125
2. Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream SPF 15 all over skin moisturizer. $85 
3. Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials in 'Linen'. All over eye lid (primer) $25

Urban Decay 'Naked' palette 1&2 $50 each 
MAC shadow in 'Soba' $15
Bare Minerals 'Queen Phillis' $14

Eye liner Trish McEvoy Gel eye liner in 'Arabian Nights' $25
Trish Mcevoy High Volume mascara $30
Brows Trish McEvoy precision brow shaper in 'Natural Brunette' $28

1. Trish McEvoy cream blender brush #66 $32
2. Trish McEvoy blending brush #30 $28
3. Trish McEvoy 'mistake proof' brush  $47
4. Trish Mcevoy angled eye liner brush #50 $25
5. Trish McEvoy 'Bronzer' brush #37 $68

Burberry 'Velvet Foundation' No .06 $54
Bronzer Nars in 'Laguna' $34
Nars blush in 'Gina' $28

Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Pur' #59 Golden Melon $32
Gloss Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in 'Trail Blazer' $18

Okay first thing first prep your face. When you apply your Eye Base Essentials be sure to use brush #66 apply all over lid up to the brow. This stuff dries fast and won't come off once on. So apply it quickly and don't let it sit. Now go into your Naked pallet number 2 and used the same brush to apply on 'Foxy'. Press it all over the lid even up to the brow. Make sure you press it on very thick. This will make your eye really pop. Now go into the Naked pallet number 1. Load up your #30 brush with the color 'Naked', and blend into your crease. You want to make windshield wiper motions along with small circular motions. When you're done load the brush with 'Buck' and repeat. After that do the same with MAC's 'Soba'.  Now use your brush #66 (cleaned off) and apply Bare Minerals 'Queen Philis' under the brow bone to highlight. Grab brush #50 and Trish McEvoy's gel eye liner in 'Arabian Nights'. Apply the product to the brush by swiping it from the base of the eye liner pencil. Apply it to the top lid. You can make a cat eye if you want. I'm a big fan of the cat eye. #meow Now line your bottom lashes. Apply the high volume mascara and be sure to wipe the wand before applying (helps with clumping). Now put your foundation on the back of your hand (instant palette). Use the 'Mistake Proof' foundation brush and apply onto skin by stiffling and using circular motions. This makes an air brush effect. Keep blending. Now go into Nars 'Laguna' bronzer with brush #37. Start at the temple and down to the cheek make a 'C' keep going and turn that 'C' into a '3'. Bam. Your face is bronzified. Clean the brush off and grab 'Gina' blush and press into the apples of your cheeks. Now for the lips take YSL's #59 and apply all over. Then put Bare Minerals 'Trail Blazer' on top for a glossy finish. That's all folks. Ok so I know this is a lot to read and understand, but I've never done a video before. So if you gil's would like me to make a step by step video tutorial let me know. I would totes be down to make one. Thankkks