Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Drugstore Finds

Ahhhh this weeks favorites are so perfect for spring! 

Looking for a fun POP of color in the blush department? I got you...the e.l.f. blush above is everything. The color is a true pink and looks fresh with a perfect winged eye.

This Revlon highlighting palette is similar to the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. Except without all over load of glitter. It can also be used as eyeshadow.

e.l.f. blush {Pink Passion} $3

Revlon {Bronze Glow} $6.59

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Experience

Lipstick of the week goes to MAC's Sweet Experience from their new Playland collection. I'm a huge fan of pink nudes and this one nails it on the head. It has an opaque color and is full coverage. Warning it will stain you're lips a bit. Creamy in texture.

When it comes to lipstick MAC can do no wrong. I have more MAC lipsticks than any other brand. So glad they are cheap because this is defiantly a problem. 

Pucker up and pair with a high shine gloss for even plumper lips

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

-Contouring made EASY-

Do you find contouring to be difficult? Do you hate seeing all those over the top complicated contour maps on Pinterest? I am let's take a second to thank Nars for helping us all overcome our fears of contouring with their new contour kit. Which is fool proof and easy as pie.

The compact comes with two colors. This is basic, but I'll explain why just to ensure. The lighter color is to illuminate the high points of the face. AKA: brow bone, cheek bones, and bridge of the nose. Now the deeper shade is the color you'll use to define and enhance.  

1.) Tap your brush into the darker color
2.)  Suck your cheeks in
3.) Press brush onto hollows of cheek starting at top (begin at hairline)
4.) Key is to press it all the way down in a line (no swiping)


Now if you feel like you over done it with the contour, great no problem. Just dabble your brush into the lighter color and go over it. AKA it's like an eraser. 

Yes, this brush has a red bottom! If you didn't get the memo Nars redesigned their brushes and they look/work better than ever. I am currently obsessed with the #21 Contour brush. It's dreamy and helps  ease the torture of when contouring like a pro. It's angled for obviously reasons and is unlike any other angeled brush out there. It's stiff and makes it effortless when sculpting them cheekbones huntie.

"You cannot achieve good makeup without good tools." - François Nars

Let's be honest you NEED the brush. Brushes are investments especially if you take good care of them. (wash at least once a month, but if you're like myself then once a week) It's $42 dollars, but totally worth every single penny. Snag it {here}

Now you that you babes know how to get the perfect contour you better sissy that walk.

Get the contour kit {here}

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Nordstorms Rack 

Whenever you want new shoes on a budget the Rack never fails. I came in looking for flipflops (for the pool)this weekend and came out with none. At least I didn't leave empty handed I scored three awesome pairs. I say for about all three it was about $120 (including my 20% discount). 

How hot are gladiator sandals right now? The answer: super hot n' trendy. These Steve Madden were around $25 at the Rack usually $69 {here} but check the Rack before spending the full price for them at Nordys. Similar {here}

This Franco Sarto flat is probably my favorite purchase of the day. Mainly because I typically wouldn't pick this type of shoe, but when I randomly put it on I fell in love. Not so much with the look, but with how comfortable they are. Which will be perfect for walking the strip in VEGAS this weekend. I will say this shoe style is growing on me. Not on sale > {here}

Birkenstocks are back and still ugly as ever. But don't judge me for thrown' down $69 for them normally $100+.  I just couldn't help myself when I saw them. Thinking that these will be my pool/walk the dog shoes for the summer. Remember how comfy Birkenstocks are? Thats why I couldn't leave these babies on the rack.  Oh and they had a ton of these in all sizes at the Rack mine were $69 on sale get some similar {here}

Pool side Chillin'

In honor of Vegas this weekend thought I share my favorite pool side treats.

Because every girl needs a great hat and a fresh print bikini!

Floppy Hat Mint by Goorin similar {here}&{here}

Bikini top Forever 21 {here}

Bobbie Brown Brightening Finishing powder in {Bronze Glow
this item will probably be the best $52 bucks you'll spend on your summer essentials
It's like crack for me, I use it as a bronzer instead of a 'finishing powder' because I am a rebel, sorry Bobbi.

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in {Freak} is one of those fun colors that basic b!tches wouldn't dare use, but I on the other hand think it's the perfect color to pop on the top or lower lash line. It has an amazing pigment and looks funky fresh for a day by the pool try it out!

Anything in the NYX 'butter' line is my kryptonite. I love this color in {Fun Size} it's my typical pink/peachy nude go to.

I know I've talked about CBA (Color By Amber) before but let me mention them again. Only because I am in love with these skinnies (bracelets). Seriously how cute and perfect are these for summer y'all? They are so comfortable to wear and you'll get tons of compliments wearing them I swear. It's all eco friendly and ecoresin. You can learn more {here}

Pink {Bubblegum}

Green {aqua}

Clear  Dichroic {sup}

Monday, April 21, 2014

Physicians Formula // Mascara

I am delightfully satisfied with this drugstore mascara like whoa. I saw that It was organic and cheap and wanted to try it out to see what its all about. Results >> LOVE LOVE LOVE

zero flakes
100% Natural
No harsh chemicals

I really like how it makes my lashes separate. Since I have thin lashes that is my number one concern. It also adds great volume without being too thick. The wand combs through lashes with ease.

This is BIG for me because I feel like I am constantly on the search for the perfect mascara. Not saying this one is THE ONE, but for right now it works for me. Who knows how I'll feel about it in 2 weeks. What's your favorite mascara?

Snag it {HERE}

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ginger Queen got her hair on point again. I love this reddish violet color so much. I know I've talked about my hair stylist before, but I'm not sure if I told y'all he blogs as well. Hayyyy girl hayyy, now work huntie. HAHA anyways I need to share his blog to the world. If you love food and hot guys check it out now: 

Obviously it's a foodie blog. You should defiantly follow and make some of his new recipes this weekend. 

Blue \\ MESA \\ Grill

Had a pretty little date with the girls in the Southwest Blogger Society last night at Blue Mesa Grill. Just a chill night to get to learn about PR from the best. Also got to meet some new girls and get to know them a bit better. I love that there are other girls like me who enjoying talking about {blogging} and such. It doesn't hurt to throw in some alcohol and tacos too.

My outfit was relaxed and comfy.

Denim Shirt {H&M}

Jumpsuit {Forever 21}

Bag {Rebecca Minkoff} old

Oxfords {Forever 21} on sale in stores

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I love lazy Sundays at my parents house. It's a dream there especially when they make me homemade pizza. Today was a wonderful day well spent with family. So great that I got food coma passed out and took an hour long nap. If you know me then you know I love naps. 

Oh and don't let me forgot to mention this cutie, Chewy! How adorable is the newest member of the fam? OBSESSED. He is a mini labradoodle and belongs to my brother Parker and his girls. I love him and want to take him with me. It took a moment, but him and Ziggy are now buddies!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Ahhh that time of year when Spring is in full effect and the highways are decorated with Bluebonnets. 
If you didn't know the Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and people love taking photos in them. Literally it's a thing.
 You get dressed up and sit in these flowers on the side of the road. I'm guilty of and NEED to post a #tbt with me in the Bluebonnets. I'm ashamed I haven't done that by now. 
I came across the most lovely blog the other day and felt the need to share. So in honor of our state flower I present to you:

Enjoy! You can thank me when you're done crying.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


If you haven't heard pineapples are super trendy these days. If you have Instagram you know what I'm talking about. I know you girls see all these bloggers/clothing line with girls holding pineapples looking all sorts of cute. So I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon with this adorable pineapple shirt from Forever 21.

Top {Forever 21
it might be sold out online, but check your local store because I got mine a few days ago

Sandals old {Urban Outfitters}

Shorts {Forever21}

Necklace {Milk and Honey}

Clutch passed down from my {Grandmother}

Oh and I like to play with my food when I'm bored.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

À La Mode

Too Faced | A La Mode Eyes

Ahhh yes, another trip to Ulta and I had to come home with this. Can you blame me though? Look at it, it's perfect! The colors are vibrant and bold. I wouldn't of forgiven myself if I didn't buy it. But, let me stop here to say I was wrong. 

I mean look at that adorable French inspired packaging. Never thought something so cute and fun would be so mediocre. 

Now let's get to the reviewing part and what I didn't like about this palette. 
As lovely as the colors are I was very upset with how they appeared when I applied them on my lids. If you blended too much they basically washed away, and that's only if you could get any to stay on the lid in the first place.
 Don't worry I used an eye primer like always. Actually two different ones and still got the same result. 
The only way I got the shadows to appear was when I wetted my brush with my NYX matte finish makeup setting spray {here}.
 Once I did that the colors were beautiful and bright and looked amazing. But all that work doesn't seem worth it to me.

If you don't believe me and still want to snag the palette get it {here}

Oh and if you buy it at Ulta there is a gift with purchase which is a deluxe travel size of eye primer and their better than sex mascara.

 You have to remind the people at Ulta about it. The lady at mine almost dogged me out of it. She was like "I don't think it comes with a gift" and then was pointed to the sign and she said "there is none left" and I was like well could you check? So she did and was all "Oh we have two left here you go". Yeah so don't be afraid to be pushy.

Such a dream boat of perfection, only if I enjoyed this product more. Really a shame because I ain't afraid of a little color on my eyes. 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bump N' Grind

I don't see nothin' wrong with a lil bump n' grind, and you shouldn't either. 

This top is EVERYTHING and more. I came across it the other day while online shopping at I usually go straight to the sale link first just to see what I can find first since I'm cheap. Little did I know I would find this pot of gold! Not only did I get the top on sale, but also the cobalt bralette as well.

Like I've mention numerous times before, I pride myself on my bargain abilities. I would like to thank my mother for teaching me the way. This isn't something every woman is born with, it's more like a gift. I hate to brag, but I hear all the time from friends saying they wish they could be like me. Only for the fact, that I always strike gold when it comes to shopping. I've been asked multiple times "how do you do it" or "teach me your ways". Now I'm telling all and letting out my dirty little secretes.

 Ladies it's your lucky day since I will be giving you all my personal tips for scoring big in your closet while keeping your pretty little wallet full. Trust me I'm a professional with skills like dis you better listen close.....and take notes!


 1.) Shop often

This doesn't always mean buy often. It's just so you can see whats out there.
Maybe you have your eye on that red hot mini, but don't feel like thrown' down the moolah for it.  By shopping often you can see and almost predict when stores have sales. So by the time that mini goes on sale you'll be the first to get your hands on it. I learned this through Zara. I can almost predict when they'll have a sale without checking my email or getting notified about them.

2.) Rack City

 Always head to the back of the store first where the sale racks are. I've learned that you never know what goes sale unless you check. Once you've hit up the sale racks then you can check out the rest of the store. Always make your way from the back to the front. They trick you by putting all the new hottest items in the front when the real gems are hidden in-between.

3.) Be adventurous

In order to find the best of the best for a bargain I suggest checking more than one mall. I know this can be annoying and time consuming. But don't stick to the bigger more popular malls. I find the some of my best pieces at the smaller less traffic shopping centers. WHY: because stuff isn't picked over giving you more options to browse through.


4.) Take advantage of online shopping. Most women I know are great online shoppers, but for me it's a little harder. I like being in the store where I can try things on and be confident they fit properly and look good on. Although I'll say I have been much better at shopping via web even if it's mostly sale items.

Finally we come to the last rule which is KEY when shopping in stores here is my...


Act cool.
I take this one very seriously. It literally can make or break you when wanting something. For example, say you're browsing the same rack as someone else and they hold up a top you really want. If you eye it down and seem interested in it the other girl will notice and won't put it down even if they don't like it. WHY? Because thats what girls do. So play it cool and seem uninterested. That way they put the shirt down and you can move in and snag it for the win.

Top // Revolve Clothing on sale {here}

Bralette // Splendid color is sold out but more {here} & on sale {here}

Bottoms // Forever 21 old similar {here} {here} & {here}

Booties // Sam and Libby at Target {here}

Crystal Coin Necklace // Poe & Arrows Rockwall, Tx {not online}

NYX Butter Lipstick in Razzle {here}

Clutch // Napoleon Perdis gift {not sold}

Now hopefully you guys and gals learned a thing or two and just remember #ActCool.


- Current Faves -

1.) 'City Of Angels' nail polish by {Lauren B} VIA Glossy Box I took this color into the salon to get a mani and the girl next to me was eyeing it down that I let her use it on her nails as well. It's the perfect pink without being overwhelming or looking obnoxious.

2.) Baked duo cheek color in Pink Glow by {Stila} I wish this photo captured how pretty and pink it really looks. I'm a sucker for blush and recently have been obsessed with how this looks on my cheeks.  

3.) Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer lip glosses from left to right {Seashell} {Bagatelle} {Coral Love} Can't go wrong with Chanel ladies. These glosses are so soft on the lips and looks great on everyone. They don't have a sticky texture and is gorgeous alone or on top of a lipstick.

4.)  This hot pink {Forever21} flamingo necklace is the best way to wear summer around your neck. It also comes with a separate palm tree necklace (not shown). It's sold out online, but check your local Forever because I went to three different locations this week and found it at each one. It was about $4
5.) Thank you Urban Outfitter for having random stuff like {Not Your Mother's} Way to grow long and strong shampoo and conditioner. This stuff makes my hair smell like strawberry fields forever. Always get compliments about how good it smells after I use it. Great price point $8 bucks can't beat.