Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Band Tee & Messy Hair

Vintage Van Halen band tee: Vintage Banana 

If you don't own the Bed Head Curlipop (get it on amazon for way cheap $17) curling iron I highly suggest you get yourself one. I try not to straighten my hair often these days. Since I get bored with my natural curls easily I like to switch it up and do something different with my hair.

For me all I did to achieve this look was to start with freshly washed hair. Then add a few pumps of Kevin Murphy 'Young-Again' treatment oil and a nickel size of Dry Bar's 'Hot Toddy' heat & UV protectant. Then I usually part my hair however I want it to look then either A) place hair in a low bun or B)let air dry down the main key to this look is NOT to blow dry your hair. This lets the hair hold volume and curl easier. Once hair is dry take the Curlipop and curl away from face. I take small pieces and larger pieces of hair. The different amounts give an illusion of fuller hair. For my bang in front I usually curl that piece in towards me.

Hope any of this was helpful and I hope someone somewhere views this and gets inspired. Hell anyone who reads this I personally want to thank you for your support haha Hi MOM!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AMREZY Liquid Lipsticks

is a bright red with a hint of orange

 is a pink nude 

I'm sure by now we all are following "Amrey' aka Glamrezny on Instagram? If not then you better hop on it. She recently collaborated up Lipland and came out with three liquid lipsticks. I only purchased 2 of the 3, 'Brooklyn' and 'Rezy'. 

highly pigmented
glides on

need durable makeup remover to wash off

I love love loved everything about these lips all except for one thing. I wore 'Brooklyn' out last weekend to a black tie formal event. I used an Hourglass lipliner all over my lips prier to 'Brooklyn'. It looked amazing except 2 hours into the night, when I went to the bathroom and noticed my lipstick had turned crusty and crackled up. Naturally I took a wet paper towel and procedded to wipe it away. So that I could start fresh, however I couldn't wipe off the layers of lipstick. After 15 mins of rubbing with soap and water I got most of it off, but not much. My lips burned from the harsh rubbing and I was dumb and didn't bring a gloss or balm to help my lips out. Luckily I had enough lipliner to fill my lips in for the rest of the night.

But that's all I love them, but defiantly think they are not worth the money. You can kind of tell it was made cheap. I don't want to offend Rezy, but I don't think I'll be buying from Lapland anytime soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


My nail color has been kicking ass lately. Not your 'typical' Fall color choice. I like to choose my own route when picking a color. While everyone else is requesting, black, deep red, and basically anything emo I opt for a lighter mood. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Greetings Earthlings

 Halloween the greatest day of the year, well besides my birthday which is the day after. This year I decided to be something that always scared yet excites me...an alien. Greetings from Uranus!

(yes I am aware that my lashes are falling off)

 For this look I spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to create the perfect out of this would look. Since I'm a makeup freak I had to do something banging' aka rhinestone brows. Not sure why I don't do bling out brows everyday, but I was pretty happy with them. In this journey I discovered a makeup gem that I have been missing out on and now I will share...

Kat Von D Ink Liner in WHITE this shit is amazing. Not only is it a liquid liner it's freaking whites. Goes on smoother than any other liquid liner I've ever tried. It also has an insane color payoff. I'm obsessed and will probably buy all the other colors she offers.

My next favorite product was the eyeshadow. Here's to Urban Decay Vice 4 palette for keeping me cool in purples tones. We all know how pigmented and bomb UD shadows are. Now in this palette they have and insane pink & purple that give me life. Obsessed.

P.S. I believe everyone should own a pair of kaleidoscope goggles. They are on the pricey side, but they look totally rad. I got them off of Amazon > here

Thursday, October 29, 2015


In case y'all missed it I'm still feeling this wig. Legit obsessed AF with it.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feeling' Brand New

Sometimes you need to go on an adventure and see where the day takes you. For me and my friend Ashley that would be our local wig shop. If you've never been to one before I highly recommend going. The energy and the things you find at these places are the right kind of wrong. I mean you'll enjoy it if you're into du rags, insanely cheap makeup,and of course killer hair pieces.

Honestly, it's a really fun way to kick all the BS aside and have some laughs. Nothing says good vibes more than an oversized purple afro wig. Sadly for me for me I was shy and opted for a casual ombré wig. Not gonna lie, but it looked ratchet AF on the mannequin head. After a few moments on Ashley convinced me that this was the one. I obviously needed it so naturally I said 'I'll take it'. If I conceal my brows maybe I'll look like Queen Lady Gaga. Only in my dreams though...

Now for Ashley since she's naturally a brunette bombshell going platinum blonde was an obvious choice for her. Took her a few try to find 'THE ONE', but I think she nailed it. Let's all stare at how perfect this color looks on her....ugh if is she only knew. Most girls can't pull blonde like this off, but I guess when you're a babe you can do anything.

I encourage y'all to go out there find yourself a hot wig and start acting brand new. It will make you feel like a new bitch, but definatly in a good way. Put on a cute outfit, hit up the mall, walk around with a new attitude and kill it. Trust me you will feel a new kind of confidence so try it out. 

On Ashley: 
Beanie | Forever21 here
Jacket | Forever21 here
Bottoms | BGD Urban Outfitters
Sneakers | Reebok Urban Outfitters

On (me) Caitlin:
Hat | Forever21 here
Tee | Pacsun 
Bottoms | H&M here
Boots | Zara (clearance)