Friday, January 2, 2015

Recently painted my guest bedroom this beautiful light green mist color and I'm in love. It really goes well with all my scented candles, gold home decor and random prints. I have a problem....I love pretty things and feel like these are items I desperately NEED in my life. When in reality I don't need all this junk, but it makes me happy and is fun to organize and rearrange. 

We all know that I'm a huge rock nerd. I thought it would be a good time to share my love for minerals to my nieces and nephews this year. So for Christmas I got them each their very own rock pet. I think they all thought it was pretty cool. In good ol' Christmas shopping fashion I had to get some for myself. So I found this amazing blue grey aquamarine, polished tigers eye, and a classic amethyst. Always and forever from the only rock store I know of in Dallas The Rock Barrell. P.S. if you know of any more stores like this one in the area leave me a comment below!

The amazing mineral prints you see above are from Flight of Fancy. I saw them on instagram and then went to the site and they had a great selection of prints. I adore these and think they really pull the room together. My favorite scent lately has been the Baies from Diptyque. The brand hands down sells the best quality candles out there. They are my favorite.