Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Band Tee & Messy Hair

Vintage Van Halen band tee: Vintage Banana 

If you don't own the Bed Head Curlipop (get it on amazon for way cheap $17) curling iron I highly suggest you get yourself one. I try not to straighten my hair often these days. Since I get bored with my natural curls easily I like to switch it up and do something different with my hair.

For me all I did to achieve this look was to start with freshly washed hair. Then add a few pumps of Kevin Murphy 'Young-Again' treatment oil and a nickel size of Dry Bar's 'Hot Toddy' heat & UV protectant. Then I usually part my hair however I want it to look then either A) place hair in a low bun or B)let air dry down the main key to this look is NOT to blow dry your hair. This lets the hair hold volume and curl easier. Once hair is dry take the Curlipop and curl away from face. I take small pieces and larger pieces of hair. The different amounts give an illusion of fuller hair. For my bang in front I usually curl that piece in towards me.

Hope any of this was helpful and I hope someone somewhere views this and gets inspired. Hell anyone who reads this I personally want to thank you for your support haha Hi MOM!